Remodel Restore on Lake Sunapee

This is a remodel/restore, done by Ennis Construction, of a 4000 square foot seasonal home built during the 1940’s on 600ft of lake front beach. The owners chose to preserve the land and characteristics of the property in accordance with shore land and wet land requirements. The home has new roofing, wiring, plumbing, windows, septic, and generator. The interior floor plan was reworked adding steel beams to allow for a large open concept kitchen. Countertops in the kitchen are a combination of walnut and natural stone. Original kitchen cabinets were used as built -ins in other areas of the home. Fir glass doors were reglazed and installed, one as a sliding door to the laundry room and the other as a pantry door. Custom built doors, 2 existing soapstone sinks, screen doors, locks, and toilets and sinks from the 40’s were incorporated in the new design. The fir floors throughout were sanded, refinished and patched.

There's also a cottage on the property of the home. It was originally built in the 1800’s for the Fish Warden on Lake Sunapee. The entire shell was repaired, new windows added along with a kitchenette built in with reclaimed chestnut tops and a Vermont soapstone sink. The master bedroom suite is complete with reclaimed wood accent walls and reclaimed collar ties, all V groove. New wiring, plumbing, on demand hot water system. The existing 1800 wood floors have been sanded and refinished beautifully.