Commercial, Hanover, New Hampshire

Although the bulk of our Construction is residential, we are able to take on any commercial project, especially if it poses a unique environmental or energy efficient challenge. This super efficient three story office building built in downtown Hanover, NH is a perfect example. The entire building is heated and cooled by geothermal power, water pumped from the ground below the building. Electro-voltaic solar panels on the roof provide all the electrical energy. This building is likely the only commercial space in the region that gets its’ energy entirely “Off the Grid”

Airport Remodel, Lebanon, new hampshire

Working closely with the Owners at Signal Aviation located at the West Lebanon Airport, we created a structure for the maintenance of light aircraft, as well as offices, terminal services and several first and second story waiting areas. The project included a double hearth stone fireplace, an observation deck and skylight covered drop-off entrance. The 90 foot by 30 foot hanger doors were designed to open and close with in a 5 minute period, even at minus 20 degrees fahrenheit temperatures. The radiant heat concrete floor allows the space to be quickly reheated.